How to check condition of Intake for BMW

Carbon, Soot, Black stuff…

Hi, I am Bogdan and I invite you to take a look at how you can check the condition of your intake on any modern BMW.

What are the common problems that affect your intake?

  • Bad seal/Loosing boost pressure
  • Carbon/Soot Deposits
  • Swirl Flaps not being able to move
  • EGR not able to close completely
  • Sensors not reading correct values

BMW Diagnostic software offers a process called Intake Port Sooting for checking intake carbon buildup condition.

What are the advantages of doing this test?

  • non invasive procedure
  • can show if there are problems regarding the seal of the intake
  • most important can show carbon buildup in intake or intake ports
  • will be able to evaluate condition of car or future maintenance requirements

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Now take a look at our video for more insight.