LQ Audio F960Pro – DSP Amplifier

It is all about the bass, about the bass … no treble …

What is a the F960Pro?

  • The LQ Audio F960Pro is a Class D amplifier
  • Power output: 4*80W + 3*110W @ 2Ohm = 650W RMS
  • Power output: @ 4Ohm should be around 400W RMS
  • It is featuring DSP Capability (Digital Signal Processor)

Why is DSP important?

The secret to excellent sound quality in a vehicle is the capability to tune you output to the actual layout of the speakers. Sound has a tough job to do in a confined space with the speakers placed in strange locations. To mitigate this, and to improve even the most monotone OEM sound system, the DSP capability is the gamechanger.

The biggest selling point for the F960Pro system is it’s non-invasive, non-destructive integration with your OEM audio system. To this point it is supplied with a extensive, high quality, wire harness to ensure easy installation by almost anyone and to make things even better the built in DSP will allow this product to be tuned for your vehicle making sure the sound will be as good as possible.

These LQ audio products are a very attractive proposition when we take in account that:

  • they have very competitive prices
  • the same seller is providing high quality speakers
  • you get a relatively easy plug and play setup, no need to pay someone to install it
  • you can remove it at any time bringing the car back to stock
  • you should be getting Premium Sound Quality without braking the bank.

Now some of the bad points:

  • Minimal technical information regarding the amp, it’s performance and how to configure it
  • More of a what you see is what you get … reverse engineer it to make it work
  • No Manual in English
  • The install instructions are limited and come in the form of a few pictures describing where to connect the things
  • The DSP config app is available only for Apple users

Let’s open the amp and discuss what is inside and built quality:

  • The DSP chip identified is: ADAU1451WBCPZ
  • The Bluetooth module identified is: CYBL 10162-56L
  • Capacitors used are YUSCON same as JL Audio
  • The power amplifying side, with many transistors, is connected to a solid aluminium heatsink that is the case
  • Rubber applied on screws possible antivibration solution
  • Not an indicator of sound quality, many components on this board seam to be manually placed and soldered
  • Overall construction does not look as clean as bigger audio manufacturers, but this is expected

Harness quality:

  • Connectors are well built and the plastic feels the right density
  • The wires used are of good quality, they do inspire confidence in the product

Where can you find these products:

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