How To reduce fuel consumption?

Fuel prices are going up and we might want to make the best use of our vehicles. Here are some strategies that can help us achieve the most efficient journeys.

The 10 Golden rules of fuel economy:

  1. Walk, cycle, take the buss: Avoid short drivers where the engine is always cold … as long as you don’t have the optimum temp your MPG is all over the place … some cars have even a different fuelling strategy to warm up the engine.
  2. Reduce idling: Idling the engine for extended periods of time can consume a significant amount of fuel. Try to minimize idling or switch off the engine when parked for long periods. Especially on high cc engines, idling is the “devil”.
  3. Lighten the load: Carrying excess weight in your vehicle can increase fuel consumption. Remove any unnecessary items from your vehicle to reduce its weight.
  4. Maintain proper tire pressure: Maintaining proper tire pressure can improve fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance.
  5. Avoid aggressive driving (don’t race people at the stoplights): Rapid acceleration and excessive speeds can significantly increase fuel consumption. Try to drive smoothly and anticipate traffic to avoid sudden stops and starts.
  6. Don’t drive faster than 80 mph and use cruise control at 60 … 70 mph: Using cruise control on highways can help you maintain a consistent speed and reduce fuel consumption. (Don’t lie to yourself … you drive with 80+ because you like it … you don’t need to … as those 5 10 min time economy pail in comparison to the costs and risk that you take onboard )
  7. Limit use of accessories: Running accessories such as the air conditioning, power steering, headlights, and electric windows can increase fuel consumption. Try to limit the use of these accessories or switch them off when not needed.
  8. Perform Regular maintenance: Regular vehicle maintenance, oil changes, filter changes, health checks, will give you the best chances to improve fuel efficiency by keeping the engine and vehicle running smoothly.
  9. Use overdrive gears: In vehicles with manual transmissions, use the highest gear possible to reduce engine RPMs and improve fuel efficiency.
  10. Reduce size and weight of your tyres/wheels: Go for the so called (UGLY DUCLINGS) energy efficient tyres … they are ugly … however they work.

Now take a look at our video for more insight.

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