We mainly focus on BMW F and G series.

The list is quite big and the easy way is for you to send us your VIN and we will check the technical stuff.

No removing. No opening of the ECU.

All the work is done via OBD port. Same answer is valid for the gearbox remap.

We work only with original tools and software to minimize any risk of problems. From the diagnostic unit to the power supply that assist your car during re flashing we chose only the best. 

If you have done a bit of research about remapping, you will notice that the average power increase from a reputable tuning company is 20%@ Stage1.

From time to time you will also see some exceptions, of companies that advertise higher gains from a Stage 1 without any mechanical modification, levels of performance that everyone else is getting after DPF delete and EGR off. Something might not add up in those particular cases.

We chose a safe reputable tuning company that does not over promise.

You will be getting a custom map generated by modifying your original file that we will download. This makes sure that your engine will be able to work without any compatibility issues.

We can do the remap mobile, but we prefer doing it at our location so that we can control the process stricter.

ECU flashing requires battery power support and also our tools require a good internet connection.

We can be flexible if there is a requirement to do so.

The ECU’s in a BMW are not meant to be updated individually, rather as a collection which BMW tested and knows all work fine together.

The collective version number of all programmed ECU’s is called the I-level, or Integration level.