What is Engine Remapping/ Chip tuning?

Engine remapping will generally refer to changing key parts of the information stored in a vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) with the purpose of achieving better performance (more power, better fuel economy).

Why is this possible?

This is possible because engine manufacturers generally take a conservative approach in the ECU map to allow for:

  • individual engine variations
  • infrequent servicing
  • poor-quality fuel
  • differences in climate (low temp/high temp, low pressure/high pressure)
  • strict emission regulation


on average 20% more power

Safe values for a Stage 1 Remap.

Better driving experience | Better fuel economy.

What is the procedure for getting a remap?


Fill in the form bellow with your car’s information and your contact details.

We will check if our tools are compatible with your car and send you what available solution we have.


We book and perform a health check of the car. The BMW iLevel is evaluated and you will get the opportunity to upgrade it before the remap. Read more about the importance of an iLevel Update here. 


We will read the ECU/TCU maps and modify them to your performance requirements.


Preferably on a different day, your car will get another health check, and if there are no major issues the new ECU map will be written.

You will perform a test drive to evaluate the changes and we will do one last helth check to make sure everything is running smooth.

3 Health Checks 1 Read 1 Write and you are able to enjoy the new level of power.

Be realistic about your car and the way you drive it.

Vehicles with a remapped ECU may be more sensitive to fuel quality and service schedules.

“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” … Sooner of later you will pay the bill.

  • If you remap a car and drive it like you stole it.
  • If you remap a car and race everybody at the stoplights.
  • If you remap a car and don’t let it warm up, cool down properly.
  • If you remap a car and you don’t remember when you changed the oil or the filters.
  • If your car is high mileage and not in a good technical condition.