Elevate your BMW’s interior to

a state-of-the-art cockpit

that seamlessly blends

style, functionality, and cutting-edge technology


Key Features:

  1. Digital & Analog Excellence: The 6WA instrument cluster blends traditional analog gauges with a high-resolution digital display. Enjoy crystal-clear graphics and vibrant colours, making it easier than ever to monitor your vehicle’s information.

  2. White dials during daytime: White dials are highly visible during daylight hours, even in bright sunlight. This high contrast between the white background and the black makes it easier for drivers to read and interpret the information quickly. 

  3. Customization: Tailor your instrument cluster to match your driving preferences. Choose from various coding options that bring even more functionality to you. Activate Digital Speed, Compass or Speed Limit Information.

  4. GPS Navigation Display: Stay connected with your BMW like never before. Access navigation instructions, multimedia controls, and phone information directly on your instrument cluster, keeping your focus on the road.

  5. Classic Aesthetic: Many drivers will appreciate the classic and timeless aesthetic of this instrument cluster. This upgrade will give a sense of elegance and simplicity to your car’s interior.

frequently asked questions

  • BMW 5 Series F10 2010-2013
  • BMW 5 Series F11 2010-2013
  • BMW X5 F15 without Head Up Display

We have the capability to remotely code the cluster, but often, we must also update the software of other ECUs simultaneously. In such cases, if the internet connection experiences an interruption, there is a significant risk that the vehicle may terminate the update, potentially resulting in it becoming a nonstarter.

Due to its relatively high cost, around £1000, we typically do not keep the 6WB Cluster in stock. However, if you provide a deposit for us to procure this unit, we can proceed with the installation of the 6WB Cluster.

The 6WA version designed for the F20 and F30 vehicles differs from the one used in the F10, F11, and F15 models. We have the appropriate version for the F20 and F30 available in a separate product category.

We uphold the highest standards to our work and product quality, and we back it with a 6-month warranty period.

Similar to software updates for your mobile phone, BMW regularly optimizes and enhances the software in their vehicles to improve various aspects of performance and security.

Many manufacturers, in order to streamline the update process, typically conduct software updates only when a customer reports specific issues.

We have the capability to perform these updates proactively. This will help enhance drivability, engine efficiency, security, and other critical aspects.

By ensuring your vehicle has the latest software version installed, you establish a solid foundation for potential upgrades, retrofits, and modifications.

Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about the I-Level Update tailored for your specific BMW model.

Please note that to achieve optimal results, it’s advisable to have your vehicle in its factory state, without any aftermarket modifications. The I-Level update will reset coding and configurations to their original factory settings.

How to Proceed with a 6WA Cluster Upgrade:

Step 1:

Begin by completing the form below, providing us with your car’s details and your contact information. Once received, our team will assess your vehicle’s specific requirements and recommend the most suitable upgrade solution.

Step 2:

After confirming the best solution for your car, we will schedule an installation date and time. For your convenience and the safest, most efficient installation process, we recommend bringing your vehicle to our Swindon, UK location.

Step 3:

On the scheduled installation day, your vehicle will undergo a meticulous process. It will be connected to a BMW approved battery support unit, undergo a thorough health check, and the new cluster will be expertly installed and coded.

Step 4:

Following the installation, we will conduct a comprehensive final test, including a test drive to ensure all functions are working seamlessly.

This upgrade typically takes around 2-3 hours to complete.

Your upgraded car is now ready for collection, fully equipped with the enhanced 6WA Cluster.


We appreciate your interest in our services. Kindly complete the form below, ensuring accurate entry of your VIN and contact information.

Our location is in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK, and our expertise primarily centers on BMW F and G series vehicles.