What happens when you use Low Cost/ Fake D3S Bulbs

What happens when you use Low Cost/ Fake D3S Bulbs?

Well you can be lucky and only have a low quality light output … but usually things don’t stop here …

You could see light flickering, problems in light starting, broken bulb warnings on the car computer and if you continue using this bulbs, you will most likely damage your Xenon Ballast.

I see many clients that buy fake China D3S bulbs, and think that they get the best deal of there life, they don’t know the risks that they take and the possible costs that they will have to pay to fix there cars.

In the majority of cases your xenon ballast gets fried.

In the next pictures you will see a 8K0.941.597 Mitsubishi W003T18471 Audi Ballast from a  A6 4F FB facelift.





The China bulbs were on this car for less than a month.

In this case the client had to pay for:

He would have been better off buying the right bulb from the start.

So what should you learn from all of this ?

  • use only OEM quality light bulbs
  • buy bulbs form people that know what they sell … many sell fake and don’t even know they are fake
  • don’t let to much time pass from when you get a broken light warning till you resolve the issue
  • prefer a shop that has experience with this type of work

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