VW Tiguan – Philips WhiteVision HB4 FogBulb Upgrade

Your car lights are important for your driving comfort but also can make a big design improvement.

A good friend with this beautiful VW Tiguan (OEM Xenon), touch my advice and upgraded all his halogen lights to Philips White Vision.

We started by upgrading the Headlight H7 cornering lights, did some VCDS Coding for the Tiguan and activated the fog lights cornering function.

Because the FogLight bulb for VW Tiguan is a HB4 9006 (didn’t have it at our shop) we made this upgrade later.

In this post you have pictures before / after and a small how to …. hope you like it.

HB4 WhiteVision for VW Tiguan FogLights

Changing the Fog Bulbs on the VW Tiguan is a simple procedure

You will need a TorX bit.


how to change fog light bulb for VW Tiguan

Side by side comparison: Normal vs. White Vision

Philips WhiteVison Hb4 vs OEM Tiguan Fog bulb

Detailed view of the 9006 Hb4 projector

VW Tiguan - Fog Light Projector detail view

OEM Halogen bulb

VW Tiguan - Normal HB4 Fog Bulbs

Final result with the Philips White Vision Hb4 9006 bulb.

VW Tiguan - Philips WhiteVision HB4 FogBulb Upgrade

Important note: When you activate the fog light cornering function you can’t install HID on the foglights.

Because of the fade in and fade out effect, the HID stops working and you get a broken light warning. You have to stop the cars engine and start it again to erase the warning.

If you want a whiter light than this Philips White Vision you have to try the LED bulb upgrades.