Audi Video in Motion activation for MMI 3G

1. Select control module 5F in VAG-COM/VCDS
2. Select “Advanced ID – 1A”
3. Decode the value from the “Serial number” field. If there is more than one serial number field, use the first one.

VIM Code Generator:

Enter the 5F Information Electric Serial number in the box below and click “Generate”.

Always start with VIM Code 1.

Write down your codes and with VCDS connected to your car follow the steps below.

4. Select “Security Access – 16”
5. Enter VIM code 1 from the VIM code generator.
6. Click “Do It!”. If you get a “code not valid” message try the alternate code. If the second code does not works it’s likely that your control module doesn’t support VIM adaptation.
7. Select “Adaptation – 10”
8. Select channel 48
9. Click read
10. Set the value to 255
11. Click test
12. Click save
13. Click “Done, Go Back”, close the controller and exit VCDS
14. Reset the MMI.

This is done by pushing down the Setup – Scroll Wheel and top right menu buttons at the same time. Press all three at the same time then release.