Troubleshooting Xenon HID bulbs

Xenon HID systems might seam over complicated and expensive to repair  …

Hi, I am Bogdan and I invite you to take a look at how you can troubleshoot an automotive HID systems and prevent damaging more expensive components.

When should you change xenon HID bulbs?

    • if you need more light intensity
    • if one of the lights changes color to blue/pink  
    • if one of the lights starts to flicker
    • if one of the lights needs to be cycled to stay on
    • if one of the lights stops working during driving and then comes back on

What is the lifespan of an xenon bulb?

    • Usually HID bubs have a 2000h B3 lifespan and a 3000 Tc lifespan.
    • B3 = minimum 97 of the bulbs will reach this number
    • Tc =  at this point 63 percent of the lamps are likely to have failed

What you are not told about xenon bulbs?

  • as the bulb ages the light output will decrese
  • if the bulbs are changed in due time the ballast does not need replecing
  • older xenon bulbs have mercury. avoid contact with skin if bulb is broken

Now take a look at our video for more insight.