Koito LED Module comparison 8R0907472B vs 8R0907472A

One of the many interesting components that we sell is the Koito LED Module/ Ballast/ Controller.

It is usually found in the Audi Q5 Xenon headlights.

At the time that i am writing this article we have on stock 2 versions of this Component:

  • 8R0907472B – Koito 10045-17078
  • 8R0907472A – Koito 10055-17078

There also on the marker the:

  • 8R0907472 – Koito 10056-17078
  • 8R0907472C – Koito  1055-17078C

The 8R0907472 – Koito 10056-17078 and the 8R0907472B – Koito 10045-17078 are interchangeable.

I have fitted them personally and can confirm it.

“The 8R0 907 472 can be replaced with the 8R0 907 472B.”

far q5

Because i wanted to be sure that the 472A module can’t replace the 472B or 472, i made this comparison so that everyone that is interested can see the differences.

They are big phisical diferances of the pcb bord and pins.

“The 8R0 907 472A will not work on the **472 or **472B.”

Koito LED Module comparison - 472B vs 472A - 2

On the left we have the 8R0 907 472B and on the right the 8R0 907 472 A.

Koito LED Module comparison - 472B vs 472A - 3

The 11 pin module has more components fitted on the bord.

Koito LED Module comparison - 472B vs 472A - 4

The 472B has 11pin and the 472 has 7 pin.

Koito LED Module comparison - 472B vs 472A - 5

I tend to think that the 472A and the 472C also are interchangeable but i will confirm it when i will have a car with that part.


You cand find this module in the links listed bellow:

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