How to lift the BMW 530D F10 N57 with the QuickJack 5000SLX

Some times you really want to do some work on your car … an oil change, some new brakes … but then the thought of all the hassle of using jackstands or ramps takes all the fun away.

If only there was another way, or maybe there is?

Hi, I am Bogdan and this is how I lift my 530d BMW F10 5 Series using the QuickJack 5000SLX.

What is the QuickJack System?

The QuickJack is a portable car/motorcycle lift that can be easily transported and/or stored in even the smallest of garages. No need for drilling holes or massive overhead space like the big lifts.

Now don’t get over excited, it has it’s limitation in the sense that you will be getting 21” / 533 mm of clearance from the ground.

More about the QuickJack you cand find on there website or if you are in Britain on

Where are the lifting points for the 5 Series F10 BMW?

Officially BMW gives us the following options:

At number 2 we find what we are interested in, the 4 side lifting points that feature BMW’s specific plastic “support lifting platform”.

For many normal car jacks this platform would require an adapter that should spread the load. Because the Quick Jack has big rubber blocks I proceeded in lifting without adapters.

If your lifting platforms (21) is seriously damaged, the part number is 51717123311 or 51717237195 and can be replaced.

What QuickJack am I using and why?

I am using the BL-5000SLX and that is because at the time of my purchase they did not have the extended models. As you will be able to see in the video and in the pictures below for the BMW F10 and for many other 4 door cars the Max Lifting Point Spread of 60″ / 1524 mm is not enough.

So long story made short. If you plan on getting one, get the QuickJack BL-5000EXT. That is how you will get a Max Lifting Point Spread of 66″ / 1676 mm and life will be much easier.

For those of us that already have a SLX QuickJack I have some good news, now there is a SLX Frame Extension Kit.

Lifting capability vs car weight and lifting points

The BL-5000SLX is able to lift 2268kg/5000lbs and knowing that the BMW F10 530d automatic has aprox 1795kg/3937lbs, we are safe to proceed.

The tricky part is aligning the rubber blocks to the lifting points, because the 5000SLX is to short and we need to improvise.

How to lift the BMW F10 with the QuickJack 5000SLX?

  1. remove the highlighted 8mm screw
  2. move/bend plastic cover away from pinch weld
  3. use low profile rubber block in front
  4. front rubber block should sit centered on the BMW lifting point
  5. use tall rubber block for rear
  6. position rear block to sit on the pinch weld
  7. and lift

Other things to consider

  • For your safety: Lift only on hard, flat, level surfaces
  • For your safety: Make sure your jack is in good working condition
  • The car is not perfectly leveled (more on that later)
  • The QuickJack will be at a slight angle with the wheels
  • The QuickJack Frame Extension Kit might make things faster

I hope that this information helps. Also maybe you will find other interesting stuff on our YouTube Channel. All the best,