BMW X5 E70 – D1S Xenon Bulb replacement

In theory once every 2 years you should change your Xenon Bulbs … but in this case our client changed his after more than 5.

The owner of this BMW X5 had one broken bulb and came to us for that bulb only.

Fortunately he was a understanding guy and took our advice and changed both D1S Philips Xenon Bulbs with new ones.

He called us the next day and said: “…I can’t believe how much of a difference two new bulbs can make. It is incredible… “

BMW X5 E70 - D1S Xenon Bulb

If you have problems with Xenon Lights on a BMW X5 you are welcomed to give us a call.

We have available on stock many OEM Xenon bulbs & Xenon Ballasts.

Discounted/free install of our products may be available in Swindon United Kingdom.