BMW Performance Remap

Engine Stage1 

Optimum power update for a more engaging and refined driving experience. On average 20% more power and torque.

  • Custom remap
  • Safe power gains
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Better fuel economy


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Engine Stage2

Higher power and higher torque levels. Mechanical mods will be needed. Automatic gearbox will require Stage2 remap.

  • High performance levels
  • DPF/EGR off*
  • Speed limit removed
  • Custom Stage2 map


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Gearbox Stage1/2

For the automatic ZF8H70 gearbox, we are able to update the software so that it can work better with the engine power update.

  • 100% OBD Coding
  • Internal torque limits mod
  • Shifting speed D+S+M
  • Activate Launch if possible


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Genuine tools

All updates are done via OBD.

We use top quality tools and software so that our work will be safe for your car. 

Other services




Full System Scan, DTC Clear, Test Drive, Full System Scan, Report with scan.

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Coding Sesion



Custom config via E-Sys for car options. Activation of dormant functions.

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Full iLevel Update



Full software update that can improve security, handling, gearbox logic, added functions.

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CarPlay & Media



Apple Carplay, Screen Mirroring, Video In Motion, Map updates.

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