BMW F10 – Xenon Upgrade

The game changer. Light is the game changer …

Hi, I am Bogdan and I invite you to take a look at how you can install better lights for your BMW 5 Series.

Why upgrade your lights?

  • better lights have the biggest impact on your driving experience
  • better lights will increase safety
  • they will have a longer life than halogen
  • 3x more light output
  • let’s not forget, the car will look better

Aftermarket Xenon HID vs OEM Xenon HID?

  • Depends on application.
  • For the BMW F10 that has OEM Halogen my recommendation is Aftermarket XENON HID.
  • This type of solution will have optimal cost efficiency and not blind other road users.


  • XENON on Low Beam
  • XENON on Fog Lights
  • LED on High Beam(main beam)
  • It has to do with energy efficiency, install limitations, lens/headlight design

Do you want to discuss us doing this type of work on your car?

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Now take a look at our video for more insight.