BMW F10 – How to power 6WA / 6WB instrument cluster (check mileage)

Planning of doing a 6WA 6WB retrofit or you just have a faulty Instrument Cluster that you want to change. This is the first step in deciding what you should do next.


Here is our video on this topic

let’s SET some context

Once installed to the car the BMW instrument cluster will store the car’s VIN and mileage. To prevent or make tampering harder, the car’s mileage will also be stored in other modules like the ZGM(Central gateway) and CAS(Car Access System) to name a few. These modules communicate and update the stored value to the highest one present.

A red tampering dot will be displayed on the cluster if the VIN does not match. 

“It might not be a good ideea to connect a used cluster directely to the car, not knowing it’s mileage”

An used 6WA, 6WB should first undergo a so called VIRGINISING process, that will delete the stored VIN and mileage.

More about the retrofiring in a later post.

Now let’s see how you can power a BMW f10 compatible 6WA unit.

You will need:

  • Dupont Jumper Cable Wires
  • a 12v~14V power supply – if not use the cars battery
  • some longer wires if you go for the car’s battery


PIN layout:

PIN 1 + 2 + 11 - to the positive side
PIN 7 + 8 - to ground