BMW F10 – Front Grille Chrome Delete

Sooner or later … we will think of changing something at our BMW 5 Series … And those front grilles would look so nice without the chrome …

Take a look at what I managed to do using PlastiDIP on the BMW F10 5 Series.

What products did we use ?

  • 1 can of Plasti DIP
  • some IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to clean the surfaces before spraying
  • An all purpose cleaner: Chemical Guys Nonsense

What tools?

  • TX30 to remove the upper bumper
  • plastic trim removal tools
  • small screwdriver/ blade tool

What are the general steps to follow?

  • remove lower fog light grills
  • disassemble them to get only the chrome/silver element
  • remove upper front BMW Grilles
  • for doing this you will have to remove upper bonnet seal
  • remove upper front bumper screws
  • working with the bumper on the car, with your hand through the gap available now by moving the bumper, press on the the locking clips (in the back of the bumper) and applying pulling pressure to remove grills
  • disassemble BMW kidney grilles if you want to follow our example and spray only the outside part
  • prepare your spraying area
  • clean elements that you will spray from dirt or contaminants
  • give them one last clean with IPA to remove any grease and promote adhesion
  • place the elements in such a way that you will be able to spray without touching them
  • shake your plastidip can thoroughly and try to keep the can in a warm environment even if you spray in a cold room (if the can is cold you will not have good pressure to atomize the paint properly)
  • take your time, let the Plastidip dry
  • reassemble all elements

Check out our video:

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