BMW F10 – Debadge

Less is more … and for some reason I like the shape of the car in it’s pure form.

No M sticker, no writings, no 3 colors on the grille, no country sticker and so on…

What products did we use for the debadge?

  • Dental Floss
  • An all purpose cleaner – Chemical Guys Nonsense
  • CarPro TarX – Tar and Adhesive remover
  • Microfiber towels/rags
  • Latex gloves

What tools?

  • Hot air gun
  • Plastic trim removal tools
  • DA polisher – Rupes 3 Inch 

What products did we use for polishing?

  • Menzerna 400 on a Meguiars Microfiber Cutting Pad
  • Sonax Perfect Finish on a Rupes Yellow Pad
  • Chemical Guys Jet Seal

What are the general steps to follow?

  • clean the badge and the area next to the badge with the APC
  • if the area is dirty spray the APC on the panel and gently lift the dirt with the microfiber towel 
  • heat up the panel and the letters with the hot air gun
  • try to lift the letter buy hand, with some twisting movements
  • if they don’t cooperate use the dental floss
  • you could also use the plastic trim removal tools but be careful not to dent the metal, these tools should not scratch but be mindful of that  
  • depending on your dental floss, if it is snapping, overlap it 2, 3 times
  • reheat the area if needed
  • after the letters are off 
  • clean area with APC
  • try to remover any adhesive foam by hand and maybe plastic trim tools 
  • once the big parts are removed, it is time for TarX, or if you don’t have it, there are other options like: petrol, IPA, WD40, or other adhesive remover products
  • ideally you would spray TarX (or your poison of choice) on a rag and hold the rag on the adhesive to let it break down the residues. I know that in the videos it looks instantaneous but in reality it takes 10+ min for it to help you remove what was left.
  • the rags used in removing the residue should be considered compromised and should not be reused on delicate surfaces as it might scratch or spread the glue   
  • depending on how crazy you want to be, you could clean the area with IPA or a 20% IPA solution before attempting to polish

The polishing part:

  • to get the area to look relay good and not have marks I would recommend a cutting step followed by a finishing step followed by a protection layer of sealant or wax
  • all polishing steps have been done with a DA (Dual Action) Rupes polisher
  • for the cutting step I have used a 3 inch Meguiars Microfiber Cutting Pad with the Menzerna 400 Compound
  • for the finishing step I have used a 3 inch Rupes Yellow Pad with the Sonax Perfect Finish
  • and to top every thing up I have applied some Chemical Guys Jet Seal that was sitting for many years in my garage
  • for a good result I also recommend to polish all the top area surrounding the taillights, so that you feeder the polished area nicely (check the image gallery for details)


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