BMW F01/F06/F10/F11 Differential Bushing Overview

Old or new, sooner or later, if you drive a BMW you might consider replacing the main differential bushing as they tend to fail.

Hi, I am Bogdan and I invite you to take a look at what you should inspect/expect from a BMW Differential Bushing.

What are the symptoms of a problematic diff bushing/mount?

  • it starts with vibration when changing from acceleration to engine braking and back to acceleration
  • you might experience a kick when punting the car in gear
  • can generate noise/knocking when acceleration or changing gears
  • can be visually assessed

Why does the differential bushing fail?

  • it is one of the parts that needs to dampen high forces
  • it is stressed under acceleration
  • it is stressed under engine braking
  • it is stressed even more if you launch the car
  • in other words it is stressed all the time
  • the rubber will age and contribute to it failing

What tools, products did we use?

Now take a look at our video for more insight.