BMW 530d F10 N57 2010 model – Oil change

What is the most important maintenance that you should do on your car? What oil? How much? What tools, steps …?

Take a look at what I’ve learned after researching and doing this job.

Hi, I am Bogdan and this is how you change the oil on a BMW 530d F10 …

Let’s set some context.

We are talking about a BMW 5 Series from 2010 with a 2993ccm Diesel engine that is generating 245HP 180KW and it is considered a F10 generation BMW.

Keep in mind this because the facelift version (also know as LCI) will have a different oil filter.

What oil should you get?

In the Owners Handbook, BMW says that you should use a BMW Longlife 04 approved oil with one of the following viscosity grades:

  • SAE 0W-40
  • SAE 0W-30
  • SAE 5W-40
  • SAE 5W-30

My choise in oil is the Castrol EDGE 5W-30 M FST.

The BMW 530d N57 engine will be using 6.5~7L of this oil.

What oil filter?

I am usually using the MANN filters, and for this car we have the MANN 720/3x filter, aka 501110409.

BMW part number 11 42 7 808 443

What tools should you have?

You can never have to many tools, but the essential are as follows:

  • 36mm socket for oil filter
  • 12mm socket for oil sump plug
  • 8mm for sump cover
  • extension+ratchet for the above
  • oil drain pan for 8+L
  • towels/rags
  • we don’t cover the lifting of the car (as I am using a QuickJack lift)

What are the main steps for the oil change on the BMW 530D N57?

  • warm up the engine 70+ oil temperature
  • remember filling capacity 6.5l
  • protect alternator from oil, coolant or other contamination
  • remove engine cover and loosen oil filler cap
  • lift car and remove drain bolt cover
  • identify drain bolt, place rag surrounding it to avoid oil from dripping onto undercover and also protect from short-circuit with starter motor
  • place drain pan into position and remove drain bolt
  • ! use common sense not to get burned or to spill oil !
  • make sure you have a rag onto the alternator
  • remove oil filter cap 36mm
  • change filtering element and fit the new sealing rings
  • ! put some oil on the new sealing rings !
  • refit oil filter and torque to 25Nm
  • go under the car
  • clean drain bolt area, and drain bolt
  • fit new washer to drain bolt and refit
  • torque drain bolt @ 25Nm (you can also do it by hand)
  • if you don’t change the washer you might be better off tightening by hand a bit more than the 25Nm
  • clean area with brake cleaner to allow for better inspection later
  • refit drain cover
  • lower car
  • pour 6~6.5l of oil into the engine
  • refit oil filler cap
  • make sure you have not tools in the engine bay
  • start engine and idle for 30s~40s
  • visually inspect for leaks @ oil filter or for massive oil leaks in the engine bay
  • if all is OK, refit engine cover and go for a short drive to warm up oil
  • check engine oil level on a level surface
  • information should be available in Idrive menu
  • if required top up but don’t exceed 7l
  • perform Service Reminder Reset via Dash or buy using diagnostic tool.

When should you change the oil on the BMW 5 Series 530d N57?

The BMW owner’s book is saying that your car will be using Condition Based Service, an algorithm that is able to monitor the conditions in which your vehicle is used and calculate the optimum maintenance requirements.

Some people will be using the same oil for 12.000 miles or 24 months.

Personally because of my style of driving I will change the oil every 6000 miles or 12 months.

Where do I source the parts?

For the oil, because I wanted Castrol EDGE 5W-30 with the BMW Longlife-04 approval on the label I used

For the MANN filters I The main reason for that is that I can arrange local collection and returns if needed.

Other useful resources

I hope that this information helps. You can follow along with my BMW ownership on YouTube.

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