BMW 530d F10 N57 – Engine cover = finger trap

Your car is making a small annoying noise, something is vibrating at IDLE, only you know it is there, and one day you had enough … you search for the source of that noise.

The engine in running, the noise seams to come from the engine cover.

Why not lift it up? What can go wrong?

Hi, I am Bogdan and this is how you BMW 530d F10 engine could cut, trap, slice, mash or smash your fingers …

The most important thing to learn here

Don’t get your fingers trapped by your V-belt & alternator. It is really easy to miss the fact that the engine cover is very close to these moving parts.

How did it start?

For some time I have noticed that at IDLE, my BMW 530d was making a strange noise. Ok I know, on a old diesel you will have many “strange noises”, but don’t let this discourage you.

After some investigating, I found that the Engine cover (or how BMW likes to call it: Acoustic cover) was vibrating.

Why is your BMW N57 engine cover making noise?

The answer to this question most likely will be that one or more of the rubber mounts is damaged or even missing.

Take the engine cover off the engine, and examine the 2 rubber mounts. In my case the upper part was missing on one of them and that was the source of my annoying sound.

How can you fix this vibration/noise?

Order new rubber mounts for the BMW acoustic cover (engine cover).

This is the part number: 13718512439

If you have a different engine use the catalog and find out the part number for your car.

Not familiar with RealOem and the other BMW resources? Read this article to get you started:

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