BMW 530D F10 N57 – Changing the Key Battery

Changing the battery for your key/remote is something that can be considered a boring job, and many of us will avoid it as much as possible.

Because I had a lot of spare time, during the Corona Lockdown, I decided to finally do it.

What battery do you need?

CR2450 3V

What tools?

Small screwdriver, knife or something pointy.

How should you do it?

  1. release the mechanical key
  2. use either the central tab (1) or one of the side tabs (2) to unlock the cover. Take your time, don’t force it.
  3. using your small screwdriver lift the battery
  4. replace the old CR2450 battery with the new one
  5. clip the back cover (don’t force it, move it side to side until it clips easy)
  6. refit mechanical key

Please recycle any used battery.