Audi A4 B8 – The Kamikaze Stance Wheel Coating

“Some will say that you are crazy for washing and protecting your wheels in this manner… but when you see them, all shiny and looking like new … your heart melts and your eyes light up. Hello, I am Bogdan, and this is my first experience with the Kamikaze Stance Wheel Rim Coating.”

What is The Kamikaze Stance Rim Coating?

It is marketed by the Kamikaze Collection company as an Organic Polysilazane Metal & Wheel Coating. It is a modern surface treatment, that once applied and cured forms a heat resistant slick layer of protection for the wheels. Now don’t think that if you apply any form of coating you will get an invisible force field, and you will not need to wash your wheels any more. If you care about something your best bet is to wash that something properly and regularly.

How should you apply this wheel and metal coating?

Whenever you are applying a coating you have to keep in mind that the preparation/cleaning of the surfaces is key for the quality and longevity of the protection. My cleaning process was as follows:
  • removed all 4 wheels
  • rinsed wheels
  • snow foamed wheels
  • used big&small wheel brush to loosen dirt
  • rinsed wheels
  • used Diablo Gel on a sponge and on a small detailing brush
  • rinsed wheels again
  • applied Iron remover – Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel Cleaner
  • rinsed wheels again and again
  • inspected wheels and where needed I have used a TAR & Glue remover – CarPro Tar X (on a microfiber)
  • if required you might have to use a claybar and also have to polish your wheels before proceeding to the next step
  • air dried wheels and took them in the garage for the next part of the PREP
The final PREP process was as follows:
  • took wheels in a controlled environment aka the garage
  • from this point on you should wear gloves and be careful not to contaminate the surfaces with grease or other substances
  • sprayed a 25% IPA panel cleaning mix on a microfiber and wiped all the metal surfaces of the wheels
  • sprayed a specialized panel cleaning product – GYEON – Q²M Prep on a microfiber and wiped all the metal surfaces of the wheels
  • at this point your wheels should be squeaky clean
The application process:
    • try using a small wax applicator cut in 4 for spreading the product
    • shake bottle well
    • apply a few drops with a pipette or syringe to the applicator pad
    • apply product on the surface in straight slow lines
    • wait 10-15 min before buffing the surface with a microfiber towel
    • take in account that the ideal temp should be 15-25 deg Celsius and the humidity 40-70%
    • lower temp and higher humidity will require for you to wait a bit more than 10…15 min
    • if a second layer is desired wait 1-2 hours
    • avoid getting the wheels in contact with water for the next 24hours
In my case I have done the application at 12 deg and 80% humidity. Because of this I have decided to coat all 4 wheels, and after waiting 10-15 min, I proceeded in buffing the surfaces. The product did not get sticky and was easy to buff off.

Product packing and size:

Here are the photos of the packing: Size: 30ml Final thoughts on the Kamikaze Collection Wheel Coating:
  • For you to be able to manage the quantity of the product I would recommend scratching the side of the bottle. This will allow you to see how much of the coating you have used.
  • Store the product in a cold dark place and you will be able to use it at a later date also. After a few months from my first application the product looked ok. Didn’t crystallized inside. The same thing can’t be said of my Kamikaze ISM bottle, but that is the topic off a different video.
  • Kamikaze Stance is easy to apply Low Solvent and Low VOC (Volatile-Organic-Compounds) coating, that should give long lasting protection to wheels and metal surfaces.
I hope that this info helps. Check out my other videos on YouTube. All the best, Bogdan