Audi A4 B8 – Lifting front on jack stands

Let’s take a look at how you can lift the front of the Audi A4 B8 onto Jack Stands.

Why lift the front onto jack stands?

Your reasons for doing it may vary from doing an basic oil change to doing suspension work, or all sorts of DIY projects. # One thing you must always keep in mind. Don’t get under cars that are not secured with jack stands. Car jacks can fail and you can easily get in trouble.

What tools do you need?

The basics for lifting the Audi A4 B8 should be:

  • a car jack
  • 2 solid jack stands


  • wheel stoppers
  • a rubber interface pad for the carjack
Don’t use wood blocks because these can break or split. Metal on metal is the safest way.

How can you lift the front of your Audi A4 B8?

Follow the next steps:

  • have the car on a flat & hard surface
  • make sure the Electronic Parking Brake is ON
  • optional place stoppers for the rear wheels
  • identify the lifting points
Lifting A4 B8 - 1
  • place the carjack on the pinch weld so that once the car is lifted you can also fit the jackstand in the same lifting area
  • try to maximize the contact surface between the carjack and the lifting point
The DO NOT list:
  • don’t lift on plastic parts
  • don’t lift if mating surfaces are not perpendicular
  • stop lifting if you notice car/jack/stands leaning @ strange angles
  • stop lifting if car/jack/stands are sinking in the ground or surface is unstable
  • don’t lift on suspension components
  • don’t lift on moving parts
  • don’t get under a car without the jackstands being securely fitted
  • don’t lift higher than you need. Low cost car jacks tend to be unstable the higher you lift
And YES the carjack that I used in this Video/Article is a low cost one that doesn’t inspire confidence when you go over a certain height.
  • finish lifting one side of the car
  • place the jack stand securely on the pinch weld
Lifting A4 B8 - 2
  • slowly lower the car and repeat the steps on the other side.
Lifting A4 B8 - 3